Wink: Kindara's Bluetooth Thermometer

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Wink by Kindara makes tracking your fertility so easy, you can use it half-awake. Gone are the days of forgetting to record your temperature or groggily entering your basal body temperature first thing in the morning.  Wink is designed to sync directly with the Kindara app on your smartphone, so recording your basal body temperature each morning is as simple as placing the sensor under your tongue and waiting for the soft vibration letting you know it's done taking your temperature, with no fuss or wires.  The probe and tip are made from the highest quality thermistor and biocompatible materials for a comfortable, quick, and accurate temperature reading morning after morning, all packaged in a sleek, beautiful design.


Wink's features include:

- Taking your temperature up to 4x faster than other BBT thermometers

- Wireless syncing with the Kindara app on your Bluetooth 4.0/LE-enabled phone or other device, so you don't need to enter your temperature manually

- Back-lit display that's easy to read in the dark

- No beeping; Wink softly vibrates when your temperature is ready

- Records the time your temperature was taken each day

- Long battery life so you only need to charge your Wink once a month

No matter your fertility goal, Wink is ready to accompany you on your fertility charting ventures for years to come!

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